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Canadian Safe Boating Council


Donate and Help Support the CSBC  

 According to Statistics Canada, drowning is the 4th leading cause of unintentional deaths in Canada. Reducing drowning deaths that occur as a result of recreational boating activities is what the CSBC is all about. But it is even more than just that. The CSBC reaches out to the enormous recreational boating community in Canada to provide information through its members to help boaters in Canada enjoy boating more safely and responsibly.

The CSBC needs your help to continue its work. By supporting the CSBC, you become an important participant in the safety of boaters across Canada

First we want to thank the many individuals, corporations, foundations and government agencies across Canada who currently help the CSBC. Together with your help and support we are making a difference.  As a sponsor of the CSBC, you can choose where you wish to direct your support.

Sponsorship of Activities: 
You may direct your support to specific activities geared to educate and inform the general public about safe and responsible boating.  They include North American Safe Boating Awareness Week, the Canadian Safe Boating Awards (CASBAs), Beyond Cold Water Boot Camp, SmartBoater.ca, Ready Set Inflate and the annual Syposium, to mention a few.
General Sponsor Support:
Your support can also be directed across the entire complement of ongoing and new projects that he CSBC is involved in.

Whichever you choose,because the CSBC is a charitable organization, we can issue tax receipts to recognize your support.
Donations can be made by cheque to CSBC at 400 Consumers Road, Toronto, ON M2J 1P8.

Donations of $500, $300, $100, $ 50, $ 30 or $ 20 can be made by credit card Click here

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Thank you for supporting safe and responsible boating