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Canadian Safe Boating Council

Marine Professional of the Year - 2011

CASBA 2011 Award Winner

Hats off to Colin Hiscock as Marine Professional of 2011

A nomination from the Central Chapter of Kayak Newfoundland and Labrador made our selection for this year’s Marine Professional Award pretty easy.

Colin Hiscock is all about learning and skills development. Whether it’s getting kayakers together during the winter months to enhance their paddling and rescue skills (such as learning how to roll) in the safe and warm confines of a swimming pool, leading or sweeping paddling trips, or training search and rescue teams to conduct courtesy boat checks, Colin believes strongly in the importance of continuous improvement of one’s skills and knowledge sharing.

He volunteers with schools to promote safe kayaking and other forms of boating, organizes yearly Kayak Newfoundland and Labrador Safety days for kayakers and canoeist and, through his enthusiasm, enlists the help of fellow paddlers to enhance the skills of participants.

After graduating in the 1980s from the Nautical Science program at Newfoundland’s Marine Institute, Colin Hiscock worked both as a Marine Communications Officer and Ship’s Officer with the Canadian Coast Guard. Several years later, in the late 1990s, he joined the Office of Boating Safety (OBS), bringing a wealth of marine experience and knowledge to the new job.

Today, Colin delivers both the OBS program to Central and Southern Newfoundland and the Operator Competency program in the region. He also supports the RCMP in delivering its enforcement efforts on the water, and in educating the recreational boating public on the need for vessel licensing.

Given Colin’s significant commitment towards outreach, not surprisingly, much of the recreational boating public recognize him as the public face of the region’s Office of Boating Safety’s program.

Congratulations, Colin!


"Colin Hiscock performing a Pleasurecraft Courtesy Check at a local Newfoundland Yacht Club"