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Canadian Safe Boating Council

Top Volunteer Dedicated to Safe Boating - 2011

CASBA 2011 Award Winner: Duff Dwyer

- Boating Safety: It’s in His Blood -

Duff Dwyer’s involvement in the world of boating safety has long been appreciated by fellow enthusiasts and, this year, they felt it was high time he knew just how much. And, after learning from his friends about the extent of Duff’s volunteer work, the Canadian Safe Boating Council agreed that the right thing to do was present him with the Boating Safety Volunteer Award of 2011.

Duff Dwyer has been a search and rescue volunteer with the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary for the past 21 years. At one time throughout the period, he was District Training Officer for the Central and Arctic district, and today continues to conduct training courses in the region for the Auxiliary. Duff has also been a member of Canadian Power and Sail Squadron, and taught safe boating in the classroom environment.

Not convinced he was doing enough, Duff approached several of his colleagues in 1998 to gauge their interest in becoming Boating Safety Specialists. Duff’s enthusiasm was infectious, so he and several others took the training, which included instruction in Pleasure Craft Courtesy Checks (PCCCs), and Displays and Presentations by the Canadian Coast Guard. He later went on to take Instructor Training with the Coast Guard. So, since 1999, as a qualified Boating Safety Specialist, Duff has conducted PCCCs in the Midland and Penetanguishene area regularly. These courtesy checks are carried out to see that a boat operator has all necessary safety equipment on board for the size and type of vessel.

Tireless, he continues to volunteer with the Auxiliary and the Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons to conduct courtesy checks. No matter the request or how far he is asked to travel, Duff’s reply is always yes – when it’s in the name of safe boating.

His earnest approach to courtesy checks for the recreational boater is illustrated thus: Duff crawls right down into the engine compartment and won’t leave until the owner knows what’s been checked, why, and what needs to be done to fix the problem.

To Duff, boating safety is a way of life, and believes it’s the way to safeguard it, too.



“Duff Dwyer(L) volunteering at a SAR Prevention display in Midland, Ontario.”