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Canadian Safe Boating Council

Safeguarding the Environment - 2011

CASBA 2011 Award Winner: Campion Marine

- This Year’s Champion of Green! -

For Campion, going green has become a way of thinking about their product – power boats. Like so many great ideas, something completely unexpected happened that began to change the company’s approach to its business, and contributed to a greener marine environment in the process.…

A few years ago, Campion was approached by its resin coating supplier to ask if it would be interested in proving a bio resin product on an experimental boat. Ashland Chemical had developed a corn, soybean and petroleum resin, called Envirez, which they wanted to test on a vessel in real conditions. Campion was keen, and built not one, but two of their craft to prove the product – the very fast 18’ Chase 550 model with a Volvo 320hp V8 motor, and a Chase 600 model, slightly longer at 20’. After rigorously testing both vessels on British Columbia’s Lake Okanagan, they were thrilled to report no signs of gel coat cracking, or any other signs of wear.

Then, another unexpected thing happened. Mark Hayhoe, of K2 Milling in Barrie, Ontario, asked Campion to build him the world’s first bio resin, bio diesel boat. Again, Campion was up to the challenge, and for the past two years, K2 Milling’s Campion 654i bio resin boat, with a bio diesel-fueled Volvo engine, has been running flawlessly on Ontario’s Lake Muskoka.

This was Campion’s business epiphany – its AHA moment: let’s be the company that builds the world’s greenest power boat. Now, with every step in the manufacturing process, the company asks itself: could we be carrying out this step, or building this piece greener?

From bio resin and bio fuelled-engines, they have reduced the amount of water used in the way they clean their moulds.

They now use top-of-the-line low emission gel coats on all their boats.

The quality glass matting installed in the hull and deck of their vessels uses less resin – meaning fewer emissions.

The flotation foam they now use in their boats is environmentally safe Ecomate, which also requires only half the material of conventional, toxic foam to achieve the same density.

The stringers and flooring on their Allante 485 and 505 models is made from recycled plastic bottles.

Upholstery is now made with soya foams. What’s next for this power-thinking power boat builder?

Congratulations, Campion, our Green Marine Champion for 2011!

“Brock Elliott testing out a new Green Electric Boat on Lake Okanagan”.