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Canadian Safe Boating Council

Marine Industry - 2011

CASBA 2011 Award Winner

Rescue Streamer Takes 2011 Marine Industry Award 

Why is it that the most brilliant ideas are so often the simplest, too? This year’s award for a boating product that improves safety goes to Robert Yonover for Rescue Streamer – an ingenious product that vastly improves the positive outcome of marine searches.

Chicago-born scientist and inventor Robert Yonover has considerable ‘creative’ experience in the field, having invented a number of survival technology systems for the US and other military agencies (including some in Canada). In fact, the Rescue Streamer was first developed for the military and approved for use by the US Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Navy. It is now available to recreational boaters.

Aerial search for people adrift in a vast body of water can be very challenging – just as challenging as looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack. Brightly coloured PFDs help, but the fact remains that the target is still relatively small to be sighted from any distance. The solution, then, is to make the victim a larger target, which is precisely what the Rescue Streamer does.

Robert’s product comes in a variety of sizes, from 25- to 40-foot lengths, 6 and 12 inches wide, bright orange in colour and with the international distress sign marked at the end of the ribbon. The rolled up streamer weighs less than a pound, and clips onto any PFD. When the wearer finds himself in the water, he need only unroll the streamer and this floating marker can be seen at a distance of more than a mile. In fact, visibility is increased by between 50 and 147 times, depending on the model.

While the goal of the Canadian Safe Boating Council is to see recreational boaters enjoy the water safely, search and rescue operators will never be out of work. But thanks to Robert Yonover’s ingenuity, the Rescue Streamer will make their work a
whole lot easier. 


"The Rescue Streamer packed and ready for use."

"The Rescue Streamer deployed to alert SAR forces"