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Canadian Safe Boating Council

CASBA 2012 Award Winner: Golden Enviro Products

Golden Enviro Products’ Bim200 Eats It Up

Golden Envir ProductsBrian Blondin and Bob Gosling of Golden Enviro Products receiving their CASBA award from Barbara Byers, CSBCIf only all the world’s problems could be eaten away! In any case, Golden Enviro Products’ of Ontario has a winner on its hands with BIM200. The Canadian Safe Boating Council is pleased to recognize Golden Environmental Products with its Safeguarding the Environment Award for 2012.

Imagine a naturally occurring microorganism that responds to dirt, oil, and other toxic messes by devouring them. That’s precisely what the BIM200 product does though; and, once the plate is empty, the microorganism dies. Microorganisms (or microbes) are nature’s cleansers. Once they detect organic material in the environment, they produce enzymes to degrade or digest them. The ‘output’ is harmless carbon dioxide and water.

The company first marketed this eco-friendly cleaner/degreaser under the name Micro50; it has since certified the product as environmentally safe and has rebranded it as BIM200. In fact, the product has both Eco-Logo and TerraChoice designations; the former is one the world’s most credible eco-label programs in the world. The latter is the leader in developing and adopting sustainable products in Canada.

BIM 200 contains a ‘modest’ 50 billion microbes per liter, and safely cleans and deodorizes oil, grease, fuel spills and stains – most of which cross a boater’s path on or off the water. And the best part is it works in short order with a bit of brushing, or can do the job itself if left to ‘nibble’ over a longer period. Thumbs up to Golden Enviro Products for helping conscientious boaters safeguard our environment!