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Canadian Safe Boating Council

CASBA 2013 Award Winner: Canadian Tire Corporation

Canadian Tire Corporation


–   Special Recognition Award   –


Lending Marketing Might to Boating Safety


The Canadian Safe Boating Council was thrilled when, in March 2013, the retail division of Canadian Tire asked if they could help support North American Safe Boating Awareness Week. They proposed to do this with in-store signage and weekly flyers, which are delivered to some 11.9 million homes across the country. How could we refuse?


Both organizations worked together over the following weeks to develop images that could be used individually in separate English and French signage. Particularly important to Safe Boating Awareness Week was Canadian Tire’s offer to include in the signage the Canadian Safe Boating Council’s five key messages:


  • Wear a lifejacket
  • Don’t drink & boat
  • Get boating education
  • Be prepared – Make sure that you and your vessel are ready.
  • Cold water can kill. Be aware of cold water immersion risks.


This promotional signage was displayed in 487 Canadian Tire stores from May 17 to 31.


Apart from the valuable signage, Canadian Tire also championed Safe Boating Awareness Week in the sales flyers delivered to homes across Canada, and offered discounted pricing for boating safety related products like lifejackets and personal flotation devices.


Canadian Tire, with their branding and marketing base, made a significant contribution to the Canadian Safe Boating Council’s efforts to reach Canada’s 14 million boaters and helping them to equip their boats with safety equipment at affordable prices.


The Canadian Safe Boating Council extends a sincere thank you to the Canadian Tire Corporation for this contribution.



On behalf of Canadian Tire Corporation, Ashley Lagg (Category Business Manager - Marine & Winter Recreation) and Sean Stokes (Associate Vice President of Outdoor Recreation) accept the Special Recognition Award from Ted Rankine (CSBC).