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Canadian Safe Boating Council

CASBA 2013 Award Winner: Yamaha Motor Canada

Yamaha Motor Canada


–   Award for Visible Personal Flotation Device (PFD) Wear in Advertising   –


Changing Boater Safety Behaviours One Ad at a Time

Advertising has a remarkable effect on consumers, whether we realize it or not. It is an opportunity to send a message, to brand a company, to influence the choices we make. Most successful companies are well aware of this, and Yamaha Motors Canada is among them. Happily for boaters, it chooses to communicate safety messages to boaters, in an attempt to influence their boating behaviour.

In 2007, Yamaha Motors Canada won the award for Visible PFD wear in advertising. And they have done so again in 2013.

Yamaha Motors continues to set the standard for PFD wear in advertising. In every boating advertisement found in 2013 – on both the internet and in print – Yamaha Motors continues to be the only organization (other than those dedicated to boating safety such as the Canadian Power and Sail squadrons) consistently illustrating both adults and children wearing lifejackets.

The International Lifejacket Wear Principles, adopted by organizations in Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand and the USA specify clearly that they “endeavour to ensure that any publication including brochures, DVD, video, websites, and the like will feature all people wearing contemporary style lifejackets when in an outside area of a small craft that is under way.” In Canada, small craft is variously considered 6 or 8 metres.

Responsible advertising by Yamaha Motors Canada promotes responsible boating by Canadians.

Keep up the great work, Yamaha!



Jean Francois Rioux, National Manager Marine for Yamaha Motor Canada receives the PFD Wear in Advertising Award from the CSBC’s Ted Rankine.