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Canadian Safe Boating Council

Print Media

The print media plays a pivotal role in getting the Safe Boating message out to Canada's 16 million recreational boaters and your readers. To assist in developing editorial content, the Canadian Safe Boating Council has prepared a series of informative articles for publication covering several of the key areas of safe boating practices, with a focus on education and information for all boaters. PSA ads, photos and logos are also available to enhance your coverage. Content suitable for preparing Community Newspaper Supplements is also available, providing your local newspaper with a revenue source opportunity through related advertising.

The Canadian Safe Boating Council encourages you to utilize these materials and:

  • Run through articles and PSA ads in a series during Safe Boating Awareness Week and throughout the summer as space is available
  • Publish our ready-to-use supplement with the support of your community's marine businesses and retailers to maximize impact and generate advertising revenue

If you need a local flavour to your coverage of Safe Boating Awareness Week, the Canadian Safe Boating Council has local boating safety specialists, members of prominent safe boating training organizations, to assist you with information pertaining to your market.

These materials are the property of the Canadian Safe Boating Council, and have been developed by our volunteers, members and partners. Copies may be downloaded and used to promote safe boating. CSBC would appreciate recognition as the provider.

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KEY MESSAGES (A-B = less than 300 words, C is greater that 300 words)
Wear your lifejacket Wear A Wear B Wear C
Don't drink and boat Alcohol A Alcohol C
Take a Boating Course Course A Course C
Be Prepared Be Prepared A Be Prepared C
Beware of Cold Water Risks Cold A Cold B Cold C


Informed Boaters are Safer Boaters Informed Boaters
Keeping a Weather Eye Out Keep a Weather Eye
Red Right What? Red Right
Lifejackets 101 Lifejackets 101


CO Poisoning is an Invisible Danger CO Poisoning
Cold Shock Can Kill in Minutes Cold Shock
How to Call for Help in an Emergency Call for help
Sea Kayaking Safety Sea Kayaking


5 Key Messages 1/2 Page Hor PDF Colour Download
5 Key Messages Slim Jim Tiff Colour Download
The Thinker 1/2 Page Hor PDF Colour Download
Six Simple Steps Slim Jim PDF Colour Download


Sample Word CNS Sample
All Content Word CNS Content


Be Prepared Word Download
Drinking & Boating Word Download
Long Weekend Word Download
Police Prepare for 24 Weekend Word Download
Cold Water Can Kill Word Download


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