Canadian Safe Boating Council


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Boaters are putting the pleasure in pleasure boating by reducing the risk.

Over the last 15 years water related Canadian fatalities have been reduced 30% thanks to CSBC, our partners in safe boating and many other groups commited to reducing water related incidents. This information is borne out in studies by the Canadian Red Cross and the Lifesaving Society.

Part of the success is as a result of the CSBC outreach activities, and in particular, safe boating awareness week campaigns. In 2010 the campaign delivered safe boating messages totalling more than 75 million media impressions across Canada. The Synovate public survey after SBAW week in 2010 shows boater awareness of one or more of the CSBC’s 5 key messages increased from 60% to 62% of all Canadian boaters. Check out the results of the [Synovate study].

Although there is no statistical information about lifejacket wear, anecdotal information suggests that more Canadian boaters are wearing their lifejackets than ever before.

Thank you for supporting safe and responsible boating